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My attraction to all things heretical, and conversely my revulsion to all kind of orthodoxy, is well known to my friends. Today, I  was surprised and pleased to read in the official word of Albania’s Academy of Sciences, that the first ever ‘albanian-style’ personal name recoded in history is associated with heresy (Leka, a Bogomil leader)

Heretics, while savaged by established religious hierarchies, made an indelible impression on the local populus who always saw them as bearers of a higher standard. Starting with the Arian heresy, and then graduating into the Bogomil one, the Albanians have shown to be not very loyal to either Vatican n\or Constanstinople. Indeed, so tenuous were their ties to these religious capitals, that a large majority of Albanians saw it fit to take on the religion of the Ottomans rather then pay higher taxes.  The Ottomans too came bearing heretical gifts in the form of the muslim tariqas of the Bektashi and Halveti.

The Bektashi are of particular importance to the Albanian history as they produced the finest nationalistic elements, and softened the blow of dogmatic islam where they took root.  Disguised as monks, Bektashi missionaries spread their values, which if upheld today, would certainly prevent Albania from succumbing into its current predicament. Truth, Knowledge, and the Law are the 3 pillars on which Bektashi worldview rests.

Veritas, Sapienza, Lex! Words truly worthy of being inscribed in a national seal.

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Greece as a punching bag
By Alexis Papachelas
for Kathimerini

Could it be that Greece is not the punching bag of the region, after all? We grew up amid stories portraying Greece as the persecuted nation, the perennial victim that suffers one diplomatic blow after the other.


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The thesis of some former spooks of Albanian Sigurimi is that US has made a huge blunder by outsourcing the ‘management’ of Albania to its NATO ‘ally’ Greece. Considering the current bitterness of the US-Greek climate it remains to be seen whether this, if ever true, will remain so.

However, looking the language of the article below, the thesis of these former Sigurimi operatives is not that far fetched

Foreign ministry on Greek-Albanian relations

Foreign ministry spokesman George Koumoutsakos on Tuesday stated that Greece
has hailed the invitation for NATO membership extended to Albania in the most formal way through Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis. He made the comment in response to a question on bilateral relations, following Albania’s accession into the North Atlantic alliance.

He added that this is a positive development for bilateral relations and the
region in general, clarifying that over the past few years there have been no
shadows in the good neighborly relations between the two countries and the
bilateral issues they are concerned with are administrative and technical in


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nga Kastriot Myftaraj

Ngjarja e Gërdecit ishte, tekefundit, zgjerimi në Shqipëri i Luftës Greko-Amerikane që u zhvillua në tryezat diplomatike në Bukuresht, ishte praktikisht «Pearl Harbour» grek në Shqipëri, një diversion i dhunshëm ndaj interesave amerikane në Ballkan, në këtë rast në Shqipëri. Kur SHBA e bënë të qartë se me gjithë atë çka ndodhi në Gërdec do ta mbështesnin hyrjen e Shqipërisë në NATO, atëherë grekët vunë në veprim atë që mund të quhet Plani B grek, për të penguar futjen e Shqipërisë në NATO. Ky plan konsiston në atë që Greqia të mos miratojë në nivel të institucioneve të saj ftesën që iu bë Shqipërisë për të hyrë në NATO, ose të mos ratifikojë zgjerimin e Traktatit (NATO është një organizatë me bazë një traktat) me Shqipërinë si vend të ri anëtar. Kjo nuk është asfare një gjë e çuditshme, derisa Greqia nuk ka ratifikuar ende Marrëveshjen e Stabilizim-Asocimit mes Bashkimit Evropian dhe Shqipërinë dhe nuk ka njohur as pavarësinë e Kosovës.


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Best darn TV show ever!

I have been mesmerized by Ronald Moore’s reinterpretation of that 80s stinker “Battlestar Galactica”, and it is with some disappointment to see it end only after four seasons. Never have I seen a sci-fi show so full of life, and magnetic mysticism.

I invite those who are seekers to see themselves in the trials of these humans in search of mystical Earth(led out of quasi Mormon Kobol by the Adamas, which in hebrew means ‘earth’), and to stand in awe of machines finding and articulating religion. Deus ex Machina has never been explained better.

P.S Kudos to Canada for being the staging ground

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