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Oh! Canada no amount of free health care or ‘equalization payments’ could ever replace the serene beaches of San Diego

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Pie in the sky

Could the Albanian youth turning 18 in 2009 make a difference? Can their energies be channeled away from the byzantine and tribal politics of Tirana? Erion Veliaj seems to think so. Focusing away from ‘the ideology’ of left vs. right would be the magic pill he intends to use to charm the Albanian voter. From business and marketing perspective it makes perfect sense. Deliver a differentiated product and the consumer will bite. Talk about giving the right to vote for those who left the mess of their country, and you got my attention. Talk about the army retirees left to fend for themselves by a state which is hellbent on becoming toothless, and you’ve got their vote.

The problem is: ALBANIA’S POLITICAL GAME IS NOT IDEOLOGICAL. While the youthful hope he radiates warms my heart, I doubt his western activist strategy will work on the ground for it relies on an unproven assumption: that the Albanian generation born in the eighties has what it takes to end the transition period.

I am highly skeptical of this assumption. The Albanian youth has NO IDEA what transition means or where is it that their country will be transiting from. Nor do they have the moral grounding required to exorcise the demons of Albania’s past. More importantly, the probability that effective change can occur does not lie WITHIN that half-ling state, but WITHOUT.

Besides, it looks like for someone who does not wish to soil his hands in the mud of Tirana, Veliaj has already gotten his hands dirty. It becomes obvious there’s some bad blood between him and Ilir Meta, who also was trumpeted as youthful promising leader who could really deliver. Reason: WHO KNOWS?
Certainly conspiracy theorists will look into Veliaj’s past to dig up some dirt about his prematurely deceased father they reckon worked for Sigurimi, and label him as yet another link in Katovica’s chain.

“Change I can believe in”? Not this time.

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