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One friend just read me something which he has received from an fx trader which said that the only things that anyone desires to own are bonds, bottled water and bullets.

Well it appears there’s nowhere to hide. The shit has hit the fan, and if recession is someone you know loosing his job, then depression is you loosing yours. So, there you have it. They gave me the boot, some cash, and a taxicab voucher so that I could get home ‘safely’. To top it all off, the woman who gave me the taxicab voucher accompanied me outside, but then forgot which floor she came out from. I referred her to the wrong floor.

So what now?

Well, if you have some cash hold on to it for dear life. It is your BOND to reality.

If you’re an american, hold on your BULLETS. They’ll come in handy in the years to come

If you’re like me: get yourself fully hydrated with some NAIVE water (or is it Evian? i might be a tad dyslexic), polish your shoes and get them ready to take some uncomfortable random walks. May be you’ll learn that Ferragamos look best on the throat of your competitor, or up his arse. If you dont learn that, then you have no business wearing Ferragamos or Jimmy Choos, or your heart on your sleeve.

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