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Recently, the Albanian government made public its intention of privatising the remaining state ownership of subjects operating in the strategic and non-strategic sectors. However, apart from certain signals coming from the Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Energy (METE), the use of privatisation vouchers in this new and probably final phase of privatisation has not been made clear and concrete through concise strategy and legal backup.


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It is the white man’s burden to be a failed knight in shining armor. I have, on occasion, donned that wretched armor only to find myself in a rather quixotic position: the wench not only did not need saving, she was out to get me.

So here we are then, dear X, caught up in this comedy of errors! As another woman said: no good deed goes unpunished. Would that there were some nobility in all of us to accept that punishment which is due.

Here’s a little piece of poetry by one Dorothy Parker (and I’d rather read prose) that I always found ticklish:

By the time you swear you’re his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying –
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

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Albanian Aromanian Angst

Owing to the recent press the Aromanians of Albania have been getting, i have been inundated with questions by Albanian-Americans who can’t tell ‘who’s what’ anymore. I don’t blame them. Here’s a typical answer I’d give to assuage their fears:

Ok I thought i made it clear that they never had an ethnic consciousness(and still dont)..just a linguistic one (those who can tell apart an Albanian orthodox from an Aromanian are very few and far between).

The Aromanians areĀ  getting press recently due to the fact Albanian media pundits are frankly NUTS! Conspiracy theories abound involving jews and George Soros and his Popperian ‘open society’ panidea; and the accusation is that the aromanians are more amenable to these types of ideas owing to the fact that they kind of are like jews though at a smaller scale. Hence you find them controlling the purses of the Open Society Institute in Tirana.

You ask: Why are they primarily concentratedĀ  in the south? Beacuse they gave up animal husbandry for a settled life involving merchandising..and for sure they werent going to source or sell their wares up north since there have always been a lot more deadbeats up there;)

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