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The New Ass of the West

For those of you who don’t know much about Canada, I’m going to have to clue you in about a few thing so that you can correctly judge my frustration with the city of Calgary aka The New Heart of the West.


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A fellow blogger from the old country had this brilliant idea: in order to truly develop, Albania needs not a’brain gain’ but rather a ‘heart gain’ program. Being weary of the dismal fate of Ivy League run countries such as Georgia (run by lawyers), and Chile (run by MBAs) the quality of Albania’s returnees should not be judged by the stature or rank of their academic training or work experience[i.e no Goldman Sachs alumni need apply], but rather by the answer to the simple question: where does your heart lie?

So how does one attract ‘hearts’ and not ‘brains’. Pretty much by not listening to IMF/WB market prescriptions. You want to go to work in Albania..fine! You shall be employed only in a technical position, at the ‘specialist’ level NOT “DIRECTOR OF DIRECTORIATE/CEO/or whatever other titles”.

Considering the current global financial situation, there should be many of us who have got time to spend in Albania. The question is what would truly be our inclination? Can we find a few good men and women who are ready, willing, and able to do what’s required in order to end this excruciating economic transition? If you wish to work with me on this project please contact me with some of your ideas.

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weell…personally Im a fan of prose..but i wouldnt mind visiting this joint. Of course one wonders why such a ‘charming’ place would never see the light of day in ..say..Montana (or north of it which is where im cooling my heels presently)

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And in 2006, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise warned that Norway’s petroleum fund—which contains the massive profits from North Sea oil that have made the nation rich—could wind up drained to cover outlays to immigrants. (This in a country whose roads, as a report last year indicated, are in worse shape than Albania’s.)

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Djemt e Shem-it

Interesant! Hedhja ne kosh te plehrave e fese te Babes, Birit dhe Profetit, pak a shume mund te mendohet si antisemitizem korrekt(ne kuptimin qe as Arabet nuk ngelen jashte). Ironia eshte qe pa qene i mire informuar per djemt e Shem-it, dhe cudive ideologjike te Gjysme-henes Pjellore nuk mund te ishe kaq ateist korrekt Shqiptar (madje me korrekt se Richard Dawkins  qe nuk guxon te beje mekatin e antisemitizmit)

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